Clinical Research Organization


As a CRO, FAKKEL is a unique organization specialized in the conduct of clinical trials with medical devices. It strives to define, set-up and implement clinical trials in the most cost-effective way, especially for the international randomized single or double-blinded clinical trials planned and/or set-up by SME’s in medical device industry. Without losing control over the project management, intens collaboration with national entities is persued for site management and for regulatory/ethical aspects.


Collaboration with preferred partners for local study execution is ongoing, while clinical monitoring activities are established through an international network of freelance colleagues – all are eager to work on your projects and feel free to contact them directly. If you are a SME that is looking to execute a clinical trial, don’t hestistate to contact FAKKEL at to get a free quote or to contact the respective CRA directly. If you are a CRA, don’t hesitate to contact FAKKEL if you want to be part of this highly motivated team!


UK UK Claire Moon Claire Moon
Spain Spain Vicenç Vidal Vicenç Vidal
Marta Gomez Serranillos Marta Gomez Serranillos
Anna Pazos Anna Pazos
Germany Germany Rainer Naujoks Rainer Naujoks
Alexandra Schön Alexandra Schön
Sibylle Tögel-Keller Sibylle Tögel-Keller
Thomas Magyar Thomas Magyar
Silke Flohr Silke Flohr
Austria Austria Martin Mayrleitner Martin Mayrleitner
Susanne Rodan Susanne Rodan
Helga Steirer Helga Steirer
Italy Italy Antonella Parisatto Antonella Parisatto
Cinzia Ferrara Cinzia Ferrara
Paola Angelici Paola Angelici
Valentina Greco Valentina Greco
The Netherlands The Netherlands Sylvia van Haren – lead CRA for FAKKEL Sylvia van Haren – lead CRA for FAKKEL
France France Nancy Cottigny (Incl BeNeLux) Nancy Cottigny (Incl BeNeLux)
Vanessa Montanari Vanessa Montanari
Denmark Denmark Looking for a local CRA support (freelance) Looking for a local CRA support (freelance)
Sweden Sweden Looking for a local CRA support (freelance) Looking for a local CRA support (freelance)
Finland Finland Tiina Paavola Tiina Paavola
Belgium Belgium Eléonore Charlier Eléonore Charlier - Clinical Research Assistant
Jaak Minten Jaak Minten


Looking for additional local CRA support (freelance)